Grace Dress

Grace Dress

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Named after the ever elegant actress & princess, Grace Kelly! The Grace dress is the best combination of the Kate dress and jumpsuit which means, oh yeah ladies, she's got pockets! The pleated midi length skirt creates just the right amount of fullness at the natural waist to create a drape that even a princess could admire.

This product was created using fabric made of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex.

Bamboo is a sustainable fabric that biodegrades 200 times faster than polyester. Pretty cool, huh?

For best care, we suggest washing cold on delicate and hanging to dry. Hanging will allow the fabric to dry without wrinkles so you can avoid using that pesky iron!

Ethically made in Louisville, KY.

Since this product is handmade by a team of local, skilled seamstresses, we ask for a three week lead time to create your new piece!

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