Our Team

We are the names, faces, and energy behind The New Blak!
Our mission is to help you take the first step toward sustainable and ethical fashion. It is time for a revolution in the fashion industry!
Amanda Dare

Owner/Founder | Fashion Designer

Meet Amanda Dare Dougherty, The New Blak's fearless leader. Amanda’s dream has always been to have a sustainable and ethical fashion line, at an affordable price point. With a background in theater arts and retail management, Amanda first began to incite positive change in the fashion industry at the local level. The New Blak was created in Louisville KY to combat fast fashion in 2015 and has continued to grow ever since!

“I am very happy to have the love and support from a talented group of women that keep me going and keep me sane every day! Thanks to these ladies for being my Girl Gang!”

Jordan | Operations Manager


Meet Jordan, The New Blak's Brand and Operations Manager. A local Louisville blogger, Jordan's passion is bringing sustainability to the beauty and fashion industry. She loves finding practical ways to encourage eco-friendly lifestyles. Come say hello to Jordan at our Shop and Studio!

Natalie | Seamstress

Meet Natalie, our in-house Seamstress. Natalie has a Bachelor of Art and Design from NC State's College of Design. She loves getting to work hands-on everyday with our team of badass women! Natalie is also owner of Natalie Kaelin Home Goods where she creates handwoven home decor (shop here).

Elizabeth | Seamstress

Meet Elizabeth, one of our in-house seamstresses.  Elizabeth has a BFA in fashion design from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Certificate in Hand Embroidery from the RSN in London. She is the owner of Evenweave, a bespoke bridal design company in Louisville, KY. Check it out here!

Kim | Seamstress

Meet Kim, one of our in-house seamstresses. Kim brings over 50+ years of sewing experience to The New Blak production team. "My favorite part of working at The New Blak is how nice everyone is. I love it!"

Sarah | Stylist | Graphic Designer

Meet Sarah, our stylist and graphic design guru. Sarah is currently a student at the University of Louisville striving towards a BA in Communications. She hopes to continue working in the graphic design field after she graduates. She loves The New Blak everything is handmade locally in Louisville.

Catherine | Stylist

Meet Catherine, one of our talented stylists! Catherine pursuing a degree in 3D Studio Art at The University of Louisville. She loves learning about textiles during her studies and at The New Blak!

Krista | Social Media Intern
Meet Krista Prak, our social media intern. She is a recent graduate from the University of Louisville with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications. In her spare time, Krista dabbles in photography, video production/editing, and blogging. "I love what The New Blak stands for and I am proud to be able to be apart of a group of such inspiring and humble women."